9 Must-Know Renovation Tips

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The current build-times for new houses in Perth has never been longer. The high demand has been triggered by the recent government home builder stimulation packages and our increasing population. Inflation and high demand have resulted in Perth tradies charging a lot more too. As a result, many people in Perth are choosing to purchase established houses, so that they can avoid the wait times and also avoid the risk of losing out if a home builder goes bankrupt.

5-Star Building Inspections

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Best Value Building Inspections

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How Much Moisture is Too Much?

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Watch the Video Below. It is normal for a small amount of moisture to be present in active homes where plumbing is being used and people are showering, washing…

How to Protect your Home from Water Damage

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For most of the year, rain is almost a forgotten force here in Western Australia. But when it does come, it can cause significant and costly damage to your house, if it makes it’s way past the external barriers of your roof and walls. As building inspectors, we come across the results of water damage […]