TOP 10 Building Inspection Problems in Perth

We have come across a large and varied range of faults over the last 6 years. Some of the faults and problems are very rare and others are very common. Many of the common faults that we find are not structural or significantly dangerous if they are attended to. Simple minor repairs and maintenance can often resolve many of the issues. 


1. Minor cracking to the ceiling cornices and wall junctions.

2. Showers leaking moisture into surrounding walls.

3. Downpipes from roof gutters dispersing close to or onto the building footings and foundations.

4. Cracked roof tiles: A very common issue that we find and it’s relatively inexpensive to replace a few roof tiles.

5. Plumbing, Drainage and Water Issues

6. (see video)

7. Flooring Problems

8. Roof and Gutter Blockages. These can lead to water damage in ceilings.

9. Wall cracks and weak foundations

10. Other Roofing Problems


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