Do I Need To Get a Building Inspection When Buying A House?

No, building inspections are not legally mandatory or compulsory in Western Australia when you buy a house.

However, many lenders, banks and financial institutions will require it as a compulsory condition when looking to approve finance on a loan for a house.

When buying a house, it is wise to include a subject to building inspection clause as part of your offer to purchase. This may provide a possible way to exit the contract, should there be structural issues with your new home.

A building inspection will also provide peace of mind and help you to learn about problems and future maintenance, repairs and expenses that you would perhaps not recognise until you are already committed to the ownership of the property.

A thorough inspection will give you detailed information that can impact your decision to purchase the property.

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Is it compulsory to get a building inspection when buying a house in Perth, WA?