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Practical Completion Inspection (PCI)

Practical Completion Inspection (PCI)

Welcome to our Practical Completion Inspection service, where we provide a comprehensive assessment of your building’s readiness for handover.

The following elements are inspected:
  1. Precise Fixture and Fitting Evaluation
    Ensuring that all fixtures and fittings are impeccably installed to meet industry standards.

  2. Watertight Wet Areas
    Verifying that all necessary sealing in wet areas is executed to perfection to prevent any potential leaks or water damage.

  3. Exterior Excellence
    Thoroughly inspecting the external treatments to confirm not only completion but also the achievement of impeccable workmanship.

  4. Masterful Paintwork
     Assessing the paint finishes to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards, creating a polished and refined look.

  5. Operational Hardware
    Confirming the functionality of all hardware components, including doors and windows, to guarantee smooth operation.

  6. Plumbing and Electrical Precision
    Verifying the completion and correct operation of all plumbing and electrical devices, prioritising safety and functionality.

  7. Cabinet Functionality
    Checking that all cabinets operate smoothly and fulfil their intended purposes efficiently.

  8. Workmanship Vigilance
    Identifying any signs of subpar workmanship and addressing them promptly.

  9. Roof Structure and Safety
    Assessing the roof structure and tie-down requirements to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the building.

Our inspection process results in a comprehensive report that clearly outlines any defects or areas requiring attention. To facilitate quick and easy identification, each issue is marked with a coloured sticker, simplifying communication with both builders and contractors.

If you’d like to preview a sample of our inspection report, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

This inspection fully complies with Australian Standard AS 4349.1 -2007

This price is for a standard 3×2 bedroom house. Additional bedrooms incur a $50 cost. Click below or see the booking form for itemised costs.


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